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A Total Fat Burning, Muscle Strengthening Workout from Head-to-Toe!

Think Outside of the Box When it Comes to Fitness

Put your treadmill on hiatus. Retire those monotonous weight training exercises. It's time to kick start your workout routine with a dynamic, challenging method to get strong and lean! Kickboxing classes at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate are an explosive way to get into the best shape of your life. Burn up to 800 calories per class, while also learning self-defense skills. Our Kickboxing classes are the perfect way to bust out of that fitness rut!

Are Kickboxing Classes at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate For Me?

Our Kickboxing classes are designed for everyone. Men and women of all ages and experience levels will reap the benefits of this total-body workout. You will develop flexibility, cardiovascular health, endurance, balance, coordination, strength, muscle tone, and confidence. Our Kickboxing classes will help you cultivate your physical, mental, and emotional health. Everyone leaves our classes feeling strong and powerful. This confidence can have a positive impact on all areas of your life. Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate is dedicated to helping all of our students shine.

What Exactly is Kickboxing

Kickboxing is one of the fastest growing trends in the fitness world and for good reason. It works! It's a combination of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing that relies on kicks, punches, and blocks to provide a well-rounded workout. It has been used for fitness, self-defense, and as a combat sport. But there won't be any broken noses here. Kickboxing has evolved into a safe fitness routine under the supervision of our highly trained staff.

At Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate, we warm-up and then move into kicking, punching, bag work, combinations, offensive and defensive techniques, and footwork. The moves are usually done in a combination format to get the heart rate up. Not coordinated yet? No worries! Our instructors will help you through the moves and show you modifications. You'll get the footwork and combinations down in no time! Not only will you burn calories and fat, but you'll also work with a bag for resistance training. This improves muscle tone and helps you get a chiseled body. Unlike a time consuming gym workout, where you must do cardio and then move on to the weight room, these classes offer cardio and strength all in one session!

Our Kickboxing classes are upbeat, high-energy, and tons of fun. But we have to warn you, you'll want to come back for more. This cross-training workout helps you to live a happier and healthier life. With a focus on body mechanics, our instructors will show you the proper form to avoid injury. While you shape up, you will also learn simple and effective self-defense tactics. We hope you'll never have to use these skills, but if the situation arises you will be ready. That is an empowering feeling!

Our Instructors are Simply the Best

Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate has a tough selection process, which ensures that our instructors are at the top of their game. All of our team members are highly trained adults, educated, and skilled in martial arts. Our professional instructors are well versed in teaching methods, in order to help every student succeed. Because of our high quality instruction, Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate is a member of the prestigious Black Belt Schools International. This allows us to stay up-to-date on techniques, teaching methods, and even exercise and nutrition science. We will help you learn quickly and effectively while having fun.

Begin Your Transformation Today

You will be thrilled with our Kickboxing classes at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate. Take your health and fitness to the next level, both inside and out. Call us TODAY at 860-295-7448 and ask one of our awesome team members about our Free Trial Program. Start your journey with us now.

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