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Help your Child Fall in Love with Physical Activity Today! Kids will get a Kick out of Martial Arts and Parents Love it Too!

"One more game Dad." "A few more minutes Mom." These are the responese that can drive a parent crazy when trying to get their child up and moving. Kids don't have to fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle. If given the right opportunity, physical fitness can become a regular and enjoyable part of their life. That's where Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate comes in. Our Children's Martial Arts program will help your child develop martial arts expertise, self-defense skills, and physical fitness, all while learning important life skills and having FUN!

Fun for Kids of All Ages

The Children's Martial Arts Program at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate is designed for all boys and girls, ages four and up, regardless of experience level or athletic ability. Our highly skilled instructors have a passion for helping every student succeed. The dynamic, exciting classes keep students engaged while improving their physical fitness, teaching them a simple, effective self-defense system, developing their martial arts skills, and aiding them in building character. In addition to heart-pumping action, our Children's Martial Arts program improves focus, attention, social skills, leadership abilities, courtesy, respect, discipline, and perseverance. Students are able to cultivate physical, mental, and emotional health while learning fabulous skills. Each of our classes at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate features:

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

  • Strength Training

  • Martial Arts

  • Simple, Effective Self-Defense Training

  • Character Development

  • Fun and Excitement!

A Parent's Dream

Giving your child the gift of a healthy, active lifestyle will benefit them for life. Our Children's Martial Arts program builds their self-esteem and confidence, allowing them to make better choices, including standing up to negative peer pressure. They will develop their physical fitness for optimum health and learn life skills that will allow them to overcome every obstacle in life. Students at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate have shown vast improvements in attitude, at school, at home, in relationships, emotionally, and mentally. Our Children's Martial Arts program is not only a workout, but a personal development program that will strengthen your child both inside and out. You can even make it a family affair by taking part in our fun activities, such as Movie Night, Buddy Night, Parent's Night Out, and holiday parties. Or, further your child's self-defense skills with our Bully Proof and Kid Safe Workshops.

There is a Place for Every Child at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate

Unlike other sports, no child sits on the bench here. To make sure that your child has the best experience possible, we place kids in classes according to age and skill level. This allows them to truly shine and develop confidence. By working at their own level, students learn quickly, safely, and effectively. While we hope your child doesn't have to use the skills we teach them, they will be confident knowing they can handle any situation that arises.

Our Staff is Stellar!

Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate ensures that all of our instructors are highly trained, educated, and professional adults who are experts in martial arts. They employ effective teaching methods for character building and martial arts skills. Our staff is so awesome, that Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate is a member of the prestigious Black Belt Schools International. Rest assured your child is in good hands. Our instructors teach the proper techniques in a safe environment.

It Only Takes a Phone Call

Put your child on the path to a physical, mental, and emotional transformation today! Simply call Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate at 860-295-7448. Be sure to ask one of our awesome team members about our Trial Program. Let us bring out the best in your child!

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