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Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate Birthday Parties!

How Would You Like to Give Your Child the BEST, MOST EXCITING Birthday Party, EVER!

Imagine a SUPER child's birthday party where even the adults have a wonderful time! Imagine your child being not only the center of attention, but participating in a martial arts class AS AN ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR! Now, THAT'S a birthday party!

Here at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate, that's the kind of party we provide for your child's birthday! And, as our special guests, YOU HAVE NO PREPARATION, COOKING, OR CLEAN UP to worry about!

The ULTIMATE birthday party formula!

Our karate inspired birthday parties are the kind of parties kids talk about for DAYS! Your child, and his or her guests, will experience an AMAZING, FUN-FILLED party experience like no other! We throw unbelievable parties with our ULTIMATE PARTY FORMULA!

Not only will your child and guests be thoroughly entertained by some awesome, professional martial arts exhibitions, they will be a part of it! They'll participate, and your child will be the star and centerpiece of that festive gala! It WILL be the most fun birthday party ever, with very cool and exciting activities!

Your Child is Assigned to be an Assistant Instructor!

The fun begins with a special, exciting, group karate lesson, chock full of dynamic martial arts moves, games, and activities designed to thrill and entertain the group. They'll learn a few valuable moves from our professional martial arts staff. One of the highlights will be when the group learns how to safely break a board!

A Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate birthday party is no slow boring affair, as your child will discover when he or she becomes an official "Assistant Instructor" for the event! THAT'S RIGHT! Your child will be an integral part of the festivities in a distinct leadership role. Now, THAT'S a birthday party!

Bring in the Samurai Sword!

After the excitement of the martial arts class, the group will settle into some delicious pizza and juice. Then, the excitement gets raised up a few notches as the cake is brought out with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD! Your child, with the assistance of one of our professional staff members, will cut the cake with the Samurai sword! So, HOW COOL IS THAT? Your child will be delighted when his friends and guests naturally ask him about the experience! "Is it heavy? It must have been AWEsome!"

Following the cake cutting ceremony, your child will again be the center of attention and envy as he or she opens the birthday gifts. Subsequently, your child will be instructed to show his appreciation by respectfully thanking the guests for their participation and gifts.

One of the Best Features of a Birthday Party at Frank Corbo's Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate is NO MESS for You to Clean Up!

After the exciting festivities and memorable fun party has ended, you get to leave all the mess and clutter right where it is! You don't need to clean up, or wash dishes! There's no spills or drops to pick up after! You simply gather your loved ones and your lucky child's birthday gifts and go home with a smile. Now THAT'S a birthday party! Your child will have had an AMAZING, FUN time with guests that will be talking about it for days, if not longer!

If all that sounds like the kind of party you want for your child, PLEASE make the call today! We can make plans to give your special child THE BEST DOGGONE BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!

Don't wait until the last minute to book your child's KICK'N KARATE BIRTHDAY PARTY!

We also have other amazing themes and convenient packages to fit your needs and budget!

Call us for a FREE TOUR!

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