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Adults Karate, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts Programs Marlborough Connecticut
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Martial Arts for Adults and Teens is a Total Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation!

Martial arts is great for people of all ages. However, as an adult you want a class that is designed for adults. You want lessons that are going to challenge you, encourage you to stretch and provide a fantastic workout at the same time. If you have been considering learning martial arts, then come visit us at Frank Corbo’s Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate. Our classes are interesting, fun and challenging. These classes are made for adults and teens and are designed to make you look forward to coming back.

Core Components

• Flexibility and strength training through regular stretching and conditioning.
• A solid workout with aerobic and anaerobic components.
• Self-defense that you can actually remember and use if you ever need it.
• Fun, excitement and a challenge that you will love conquering.

New Skills

Karate and martial arts are all about the skills and learning new ways to combine the skills. As you move through the lessons and start building your own skill set, you will find yourself watching fight scenes with new interest. You will realize what once looked like an amazing spinning kick is actually a spinning reverse crescent kick and you will be proud of the fact that you know how to do it. More than learning the new skills, you will enjoy increased self-confidence. Your self-esteem will improve. You will find yourself better able to focus. You will be amazed at all the areas of your life that start to benefit as a result of learning self-defense with us at Frank Corbo’s Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate.

• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Learn the tactics that can be used to defend yourself and your family.
• Muay Thai Kickboxing – Get a workout and learn the strike skills that make good use of knuckles, knees, elbows and even the fingertips.
• Submission Grappling – Get ready for competition or self-defense by taking these classes and working on grappling skills.

We take pride in offering classes that appeal to a wide range of people. You are practically guaranteed to find classes that can help you reach your goals. Whether you want to lose weight in a fun way or have a goal of getting to black belt as fast as possible, we can help you.

Supportive Staff

Our staff wants to help guide you on this journey and teach you the skills that you need. They are prepared to help you and motivate you as you work towards your goal. We only hire trainers who are absolutely enthusiastic about marital arts. Our trainers aren’t here because it’s a job. They’re here because they love martial arts, they enjoy practicing the skills and they love sharing their knowledge and teaching others.

Call Today

More than learning martial arts, our students tell us that they love how much more confident they are. They love that they have more self-esteem and that they are even more disciplined as a result of the lessons they take here at Frank Corbo’s Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate. They feel stronger and more alive than they ever have before thanks to all the excitement of the classes and the new skills they are constantly learning.

Call 860-295-7448 today to set up your appointment and discover how we can help you. We look forward to meeting with you and offer a Trial Program so you can discover the joy of martial arts for yourself. Learn to defend yourself so you can go out at night with confidence. Improve your balance, posture and flexibility. Lose weight and enjoy improved health and more energy. Whatever it is you are looking for, Frank Corbo’s Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate classes can provide you with it. Call today to get started.


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