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Marlborough Martial Arts Wants You!

Be Prepared to Change your Life and Transform Your Body at Frank Corbo’s Marlborough Martial Arts & Karate

We offer THE finest Martial Arts instruction available; our instructors set a friendly, professional and comfortable setting for the classes. Our classes are designed to encourage quick learning in a fun setting, allowing you to get to the highest level you can attain. Swing by and see why our classes are fun and filled with wonderful learning experiences! We have a big variety of classes and lessons available for the aspiring martial artist or kickboxer.

Learning Self Defense and Fitness

People of all ages and gender are welcome here. Our martial arts classes are action packed with fun instructors and students who are eager to learn. Self defense is something we offer here because it is a useful tool to have on hand, to be able to protect yourself should the situation ever arise. Current statistics show that 1 in 4 people are violently attacked; our instructors will help you learn REAL self defense so you don’t end up a statistic. In addition to self defense, we have extra classes that will cater to your fitness level, bringing you into optimum shape; the best shape you have ever been in your entire life!

Or… If you’re into intense stuff:

Become a Kickboxer

Our kickboxing classes are loaded with fun, hard work, cardio, and lots and lots of sweat! We offer kickboxing classes for people who are looking to become more physically fit. In addition to becoming physically fit, you’ll learn some useful self-defense movements in our classes with that knock-out kick of yours! This class churns out hardcore people who are more physically and mentally fit than they have ever been. Check out our kickboxing class if you’re looking to get really fit!

Earn a Black Belt!

Our Martial Arts program has professional martial artists who are masters in training people, helping people make their way to a black belt. Get involved in Martial Arts and we’ll take you to the very top!

Mixed Martial Arts is a big part of our school. Our instructions will teach you all the things you need to know about striking and grappling so you can become a worthy opponent in the ring!

Every single one of our classes offers training on the following:

- Stretching and Conditioning for those who need to improve on their body’s flexibility.
- Fun Aerobic & Anaerobic lessons that have you sweating and wanting more!
- Self-Defense that can be applied to the real world!

Whatever class you choose, you’ll get to experience everything. We are dedicated to the art of Martial Arts. We also are dedicated to making it a good time where people leave feeling happy and confident.

A Close Community

We are like a family here and we like to show it. Marlborough Martial Arts have fun family events that are featured year round:

- Movie Nights. Perfect for teenagers to unwind and connect with other teenager students in the school.
- Buddy Night.
- Holidays are a big part of our spirit: We love to host holiday parties!
- Parents’ night out is for the parents who like to get away every now and then.
- Tournaments and contests are a big part of our school. They are always fun and intense. Our students really enjoy participating in the tournaments and contests where they get to show off their skills!

We are a family here and would love to have you join us. Give us a call at 860-295-7448; one of our team members will be able to help you with any questions you may have. They also can help you take advantage of our trial program, where you can test us out and see if we’re the right fit for you.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that you will join our diverse family of martial artists!

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